Agency's Horror Movie Trailer Celebrates Change in Office Location by Slamming Previous Landlord

Assuming the trailer's claims of being based on true events, I can't imagine this former ad agency's landlord is very pleased. But, creating a horror movie trailer is certainly a far more interesting way of announcing an office re-location than your standard, snooze-inducing press release.

The previous office space of Winnepeg-based Think Shift was apparently plagued with a host of problems including lack of heat, leaky roofs, continuously blown fuses and really bad coffee. So the agency decided to bail and head over to new space at 627 Erin Street.

To announce the move, the agency created a horror trailer-themed video, The Move, filled with the usual stereotypes and bad acting, though at the same time gleefully celebrating what we have all experienced at least once in our office-based lives: crappy digs. 

Of the genesis behind the video, Think Shift VP of Creative Alex Varricchio said: "Everyone who works in an office can relate to building challenges -- heating and cooling, so on. But our experiences were extreme. Video is a big part of what we do as an agency, and we thought a horror trailer would be the perfect way to explain our change in location while having some fun with our experiences in the old space."



The agency also has an office in Portland, Oregon and, apparently, everything is fine there so there's no move planned for that office.


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