Time Inc. Launches Coinage, Finance Videos Run Across Portfolio

Time Inc. has launched a new video brand, Coinage, available on all Time Inc.’s 22 sites. This is the first project leveraging Time Inc.’s extensive restructuring to produce content across its portfolio of brands.

Time Inc. plans to produce 600 short-form Coinage videos in 2017, focused on the “intersection of money with the lives of Time Inc.’s audiences,” Edward Felsenthal, group digital director of news and lifestyle at Time Inc., told Publishers Daily.

It is being billed as one of the company’s largest video initiatives.

The videos are sponsored by Geico.

Nearly every Time Inc. brand will contribute content and promotional efforts to the project. That includes all their social media channels, which reach an audience of nearly 250 million.

Felsenthal said the company is committed to “operating as a network and thinking about our sites as a network, as part of a massive single platform and that gives us scale.”



Time Inc. has over 130 million unique users on comScore, making it one of the top publishers in media. “This is the first major project that brings in essentially our entire network that leverages this scale of 130 million,” Felsenthal said. He added this is the first of “a whole series” of new projects taking advantage of Time Inc.'s scale that will launch over the course of the year.

The company's Chief Content Officer Alan Murray stated Coinage “showcases both our rapidly expanding video prowess and our ability to leverage the digital scale and reach of our full portfolio.” Coinage will not have its own dedicated hub. Instead, each video will appear across at least three of Time Inc.’s brands at a time.

Content aims to “help guide everyday choices consumers make in spending, saving and investing for themselves and their families across all stages of life in a lighthearted and entertaining fashion,” per a Time, Inc. statement.

Topics do not focus entirely on personal finance, such as how to manage 401ks or pay for college. For example, one episode looks at how much a Super Bowl-winning football player gets taxed, including on their bonus and on the ring.

The Super Bowl video focuses on “money through the lens of football,” Felsenthal said, and appears on Sports Illustrated, Money and People.

The project is a result of Time Inc.'s reorganization in September, when the company formed 10 “digital desk." Reporters and editors from different Time Inc. brands coordinate with desk heads, as well as continue in their brand-specific roles.

The move was likely an effort to pool resources from brands to better attract mobile and social audiences, as well as offer advertisers scale.

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