NYDJ Ditches Celebs As 'Real Women' Front New Campaign

Women’s fashion brand NYDJ and its agency Toth+Co are shifting away from well-known personalities to showcase regular women under the new "Fit is Everything" campaign.

Last year, the brand’s "Fit to Be" campaign featured Christie Brinkley, Ashley Graham and Lana Ogilvie as they glamorously demonstrated various styles from the international clothing brand. 

With the new campaign, the celebs are gone as ‘real’ women are seen sharing the experience of trying out the NYDJ fit for the very first time.

"Consumer research showed us that there is a transformative power in finding a truly fitting pair of jeans," the brand said in a statement. "Women of all ages, shapes and sizes struggle to find a pair of jeans that both fit well and look good. Finding a jean that does both makes all the difference in her day.”



‘Fit is Everything’ features a cast diverse in age, size, and ethnicity. Their genuine, unscripted reactions were caught on film, as they experienced the “aha” moment of finding the perfect fit. Fashion photographer Dewey Nicks captured the experience in still imagery.

"We created a campaign with these women at the forefront – showing them sharing their struggles and supporting one another as they look for the perfect pair of jeans; making discoveries and forming authentic, emotional connections with one another along the way," the agency stated.

The campaign will run in Oprah and Harper's print editions. Digital content will run on NYDJ's owned channels and other sites. The content will also live in-store and be used to support retail activations in key markets. The images will also be used to support ongoing PR efforts for the brand.

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