NEW! Milka Launches European Digital Campaign, 'First Tastes'

Milka launched "First Tastes," a European digital campaign that aims to evokes a touching childhood memory of tasting Milka chocolate for the first time.

The 45-second ad shows kids and adults trying various types of foods for the first time and capturing their unpleasant reactions. There's the grandmother trying Pop Rocks, a baby tasting a lemon, a man eating a hot pepper and a woman tasting her first oyster. The reactions range from panic, disgust and too tart!

"some first tastes are more tender than others," says the ad. The spot ends with a young girl tasting her first square of Milka chocolate. It's smooth, creamy and delicious, leaving a large smile on the little girl's face.

The ad, created by Buzzman, launched in France and will slowly debut in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Croatia.



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