NEW! Green Mountain Coffee Is More Than Just 'Regular' Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee is more than a great-tasting coffee. The company pays careful attention to the sourcing and roasting process -- and the brand wants to give consumers an inside look with "Packed With Goodness." The campaign was shot in Colombia, on a coffee farm that Keurig Green Mountain works with, and is Fair Trade Certified. No actors were used for filming; the farmers and their adorable dogs are real.

In "Sourcing," Green Mountain brings viewers to Colombia to see how and where fair trade coffee is grown. When a farmer is paid a fair price, he's able to reinvest back into his community. And the rest of us get great coffee, so it's a win-win.

"Roasting" brings consumers to Vermont, where a Green Mountain roaster tests and tastes different flavors. Where do weekend taste-testers apply? Havas New York created the campaign.



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