61% Of Content Posted On Snapchat Is Video

While it’s often perceived as a social network for teenagers and millennials, Snapchat is increasingly a hot tool for marketers, according to a survey conducted by Snaplytics, a Copenhagen-based analytics firm (not affiliated with Snapchat parent company Snap Inc.) that offers insights on Snapchat. And posting video is key to success on the platform.

Among the findings of the study of 500 brands with 24,180 Snapchat stories and a total of 217,000 Snaps:

--Videos make up 61% of the content posted by brands on Snapchat is videos, a 5% increase from the first quarter of 2016.

--Consistency and ongoing activity is key. On average, brands post content two times a week.

--Completion rate, or the number of people viewing the entire story, increased to 88% compared to 84% the previous quarter.

--Sixty-four percent of new followers searched for brands and people by their Snapchat username.

 --Twenty-five percent of new followers used Snapcodes.

 --Nine percent new followers used Deeplinks.

 --More than half (54.8%) of an account’s followers will open a Snap story, and 87.5% of those followers will watch the complete story.

 --Brands post, on average, 13 stories per month, with 11 snaps in each story.

As Snap, Inc. inches closer to its initial public offering, the company recently disclosed that it has 161 million daily active users who visit the app more than 18 times a day. Those users spend an average of 25 to 30 minutes in the app and create 2.5 billion snaps.

The survey attributed the large number of “Added by Username” followers to the fact that much of the awareness around brand accounts takes place on other social platforms. The Snaplytics report said the “username” promotion is relevant for brands gaining traction with their Snapchat channel, and brands should be on all the platforms with their username to enable their channel to be discovered.

Snaplytics suggests that brands include their Snapcode on all collateral for offline marketing activities, The findings emphasize that a high percentage of brands’ followers gained from the other social platforms, are already following them on one or more networks. But Snapchat adds an even deeper level of engagement to the social media mix.

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