Snickers Is Back Again To Parody 'SI Swimsuit' Issue

For the third consecutive year, Snickers has taken over the back cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, with ad creative that parodies the issue’s concept while playing off the candy brand’s “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign.

This time, Snickers again bought both the back cover and the inside back cover, and BBDO New York imagined that two faux special-interest magazines unwisely decided to publish their own swimsuit issues.

Each imaginary swimsuit issue cover bears a tagline explaining that “Magazine Editors Get Loopy When They’re Hungry.” 

On SI’s back cover, a fanciful American Antiques Home & Style magazine features an antique chest of drawers dressed in a swimsuit, with cover lines including “39 Infuriating Steps to Get a Swimsuit on a Chest of Drawers” and “We Immediately Regret This.”



On SI’s inside back cover, Small Pets Monthly features a guinea pig in a red bikini. Cover lines: “50 Swimsuits for Guinea Pigs (For Some Reason)”; “What Were We Thinking”; “Most of These Things Hate Water So Much”; and “This One Bit Us a Lot.”

For last year’sSI Swimsuit Issue, Snickers ran back-cover ads showing photographs of bikini-clad women that had been disastrously tampered with by photo retouchers who were confused because they were hungry.

The year before, Snickers ran an ad only on the issue’s back cover. That one featured an image of a supermodel turned into Medusa because of an out-of-control case of hunger.

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