Google Earns MRC Accreditation For Video, Desktop And Mobile Web

Google said Tuesday that it has received Media Rating Council accreditation for video impressions and viewable statistics for desktop and mobile Web, as well as mobile apps in DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

The company is also working on gaining MRC accreditation for video impressions and viewable statistics, as well as General Invalid Traffic (GIVT), which includes bot and spider traffic, detection for display and video in AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.

The MRC audits span across videos available through all Google buying platforms, including YouTube and partner inventory.

Google has been working toward earning back accreditation since July 2016, when the MRC suspended its status in September. The suspension was specific to DoubleClick for Publishers and metrics tied to mobile impressions within the platform, the methodology for how Google accounts for mobile ad impressions.

The suspension resulted from Google slightly changing requirements after rebuilding parts of the platform.  

Now Google is accredited for serving ad impressions for display, video, rich media, clicks, viewable display ad impressions, and viewable video ad impressions.

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