NEW! UN Women Fights For Equal Pay With #StopTheRobbery

Bargain or robbery? Look close and you'll see it's robbery. UN Women launched #StopTheRobbery to support equal pay for women.

This campaign illustrates how, on a global level, women are being robbed of 23% of their earnings, with women making 77 cents for every dollar earned by men for equal work.

Grey New York created a pop-up shoe shine stand close to New York's Flatiron Building. There were two employees, a woman and a man. If the woman shined your shoes, you'd pay $0.77 -- but $1 for the man's work.

Initially, passersby think the woman is the bargain, since it will cost them less. When the shoeshine employees explain the pricing structure, consumers are unhappy and frustrated. Needless to say, all of the woman's customers pay her the full dollar for services rendered.

Viewers are encouraged to visit to tweet about the global injustice.



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