NEW! Milka's Easter Campaign Features Competitive Kids Participating In Easter Egg Hunt

I volunteer as tribute if the winner takes all the hidden Milka Easter bunnies. The chocolate brand launched "Easter Tastes Better Together," its first pan-European Easter campaign.

The debut ad, "All For One," follows three highly-competitive children participating in an Easter egg hunt. Each will do whatever it takes to collect the most candy -- including some "Hunger Games"-esque sabotage.

Goodies are hidden in challenging places and these kids are breaking a sweat. I enjoyed watching the young girl use a slingshot to hit a bee's nest to send the inhabitants after one of her rivals.

The trio then find themselves on a cliffside, each after the Milka chocolate bunny, when the unthinkable happens. Actually, it's totally thinkable, since they're on the side of a cliff. The bunny falls and the trio must work together to build an elaborate contraption that lowers a basket and a helpful hedgehog, to retrieve the bunny.

The trio share the candy and hedgie gets a thank you. The 90-second ad is running in 10 markets across Central and Eastern Europe including Germany, France, Austria and Poland. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created the campaign.



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