Nielsen Catalina, Moat Link Viewability And Attention To Offline Sales

Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) and SaaS analytics measurement company Moat collaborated on a project to help marketers understand the relationship between viewability and attention metrics, and ties to in-store sales.

This first project of the NCS Learning Lab aims to advance these emerging themes and link the results to business outcomes. Kellogg and Yahoo also collaborated with NCS and Moat as part of this new initiative.

The idea is to take viewability metrics, defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau standards, and determine the impact by using data from Moat.

The companies participating in the NCS Learning Lab study analyzed several video campaigns from Kellogg Company brands that ran through the BrightRoll DSP, Yahoo's programmatic advertising platform, with ads appearing on Yahoo properties and additional sites. Moat would track every impression severed, such as time in view, and send the data to NCS, which mapped it back to the households for which it has purchase data.



Findings show in-view online advertisements are 154% more effective in leading to in-store purchases, compared with those at 45% that are not defined as being viewable.

"It doesn't mean the advertisements not completely defined as being in view are not effective," said Andrew Feigenson, chief revenue officer at Nielsen Catalina Solutions. "It means they are less effective than the ads that are defined as being completely in view on average."

Other metrics that are being studied include AVOC, which means audible and visible on completion of an advertisement. This includes the viewable time, audible time and player size.

Interestingly, the group also studied the effectiveness of time. The most effective viewable time on a desktop ranges from seven to 16 seconds, according to the study. "There's still a lift for the other time segments such as two to four or four to seven, but not as much," Feigenson said. "There's a lot of impressions that end up in the zero-to-two second bucket. As an advertiser if you were to write that off, you would be writing off a large bunch of impressions with value. It just becomes less impactful."

The group also studied creative metrics such as likability, attention, information and connection to in-store sales.

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