Drawbridge, Teads Team On Outstream Video Inventory Across Devices

Digital identity firm Drawbridge and outstream video provider Teads are teaming up to help marketers and agencies access and use programmatic video inventory on both desktop and mobile devices.

The partnership seeks to make every Web page (whether in-app, mobile Web, and/or desktop browser) across all consumer devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.), available for video inventory.

The collaboration, announced on Thursday, will use Teads’ inRead outstream video format for desktop and mobile devices. The format places video ads within editorial content and plays only when viewable, which enables consumers to skip the video if they want.

Since the format sits outside of the video player, there is the potential for more available video ad inventory. In essence, outstream video can enable every Web page to function as its own video player.

“Video is among the fastest-growing digital ad formats, and since it has such incredible potential for driving awareness and engagement on both mobile and desktop, it’s a major area of interest for us to invest in for our clients,” stated Drawbridge head of supply acquisition Mark Granger.

Teads announced on Monday that it was acquired by Altice, a Dutch cable giant.



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