Lyric Campaign Promotes Hearing Aid's Invisibility

Phonak Lyric is introducing a new global campaign designed to address why many who suffer hearing loss resist hearing aids: They think it looks ugly and obvious.

According to research, only 30% of the approximately 33 million Americans with some degree of hearing loss actually pursue treatment. For those that do seek help, sound quality, ease of use and cosmetic appearance were among the most important factors in deciding whether to purchase a hearing aid.

Developed by AOR Terri & Sandy, the creative emphasizes the benefit of the Lyric’s professed “invisibility.” The campaign uses tongue-in-cheek humor and playful romance to convey how hearing aids are not a visual barrier to connecting with others. Instead, they are a solution to help people live life to the fullest. 

Ads feature couples in intimate moments with bold headlines like, “Tonight, I’m wearing nothing but my hearing aid.” Another headline reads, “My midlife crisis is obvious. My hearing aid is not.”



"We saw an opportunity; to promote a breakthrough product with an equally breakthrough campaign," says Sandy Greenberg, CEO/co-founder, Terri & Sandy. “Lyric provides the complete invisibility that some hearing aid wearers desire. The result is feeling confident and free, with no limitations.”

The media buy utilizes print and digital channels in 12 countries and five languages. 

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