Lexus To Customize RC F Sport On Facebook Live

Lexus will customize an RC F Sport in real-time on Facebook Live based on votes from fans. 

The promotion, RC Real-Time, will occur March 23 at 11 a.m. Eastern and is being orchestrated by Team One. Lexus will provide viewers with options for each section of the vehicle and prompt them on when to vote. Voting will take place via the comments and Lexus will display each top pick.

The luxury automaker will complete the entire build in just 10 hours, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to complete a custom vehicle in just a day. Lexus is among the first automotive brands to build a custom vehicle on Facebook Live based on votes from fans. Social media users can follow the hashtag #RCRealTime to track the progress.



This is the first time the automaker has streamed the build of a car in real-time on Facebook Live, says a Lexus spokesperson.

In 2014, the brand engaged its Instagram followers to customize an RC F Sport as part of the launch of the first-ever Lexus RC at SEMA Auto Show. The RC F Sport was designed from a blank canvas, so it made sense to let our fans build their own custom performance coupe for the RC Real Time activation.

While the RC F Sport appeals to performance seekers who pursue enhanced experiences, the promotion is aimed at everyone from the auto enthusiasts who love to customize and modify cars, to the younger and tech-savvy millennials that prefer to interact with the brand socially, the spokesperson says. 

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  1. Alan Schulman from Deloitte Digital, March 23, 2017 at 11:30 a.m.


    Very timely post.:-) As you point out, some marketers will choose to take a stand based on their core values and brand purpose.  Others, who see the discourse as too polarizing for mass marketing will stay out of the fray.  Drafting off the context of current events is a realtime activity many brands have demonstrated in their social marketing.  From a programmatic perspective it is essential that marketers consider not only the tech's ability to deliver personalization/1 to 1 targeting and realtime news/geolocation factors to their consumers, but importantly - how emotional and moving is your message itself.  These are dangerous waters creatively- hopefully those marketers, who do as you suggest, carefully develop a range of addressable creative messages to deploy.  Algorithms don't feel, people do.  And in these waters, it's essential to account what resonates for moderates, leaners and other shades of grey - not just the left or right. For marketers that means Message very carefully whatever your brand convictions. The resulting market share can move either way.

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