NEW! Has Blowfish Created A Cure For The Hangover?

Most people have their own hangover remedy that they swear works, no matter how quirky it may sound or taste.

Blowfish believes it has THE actual hangover cure that's FDA regulated and contains pretty common ingredients like aspirin, caffeine and effervescence.

Humanaut created a campaign for the hangover helper that includes a revamped website, a pair of online videos and display banners that really speak to consumers: "For when you're medically alive, but mentally dead."

Online videos illustrate the consequences of a previous night's epic time. A man tries to type at this computer as an octopus squeezes his head. "You look like ass," says a no-nonsense co-worker. The man takes Blowfish and gets his head back.

The next video features a woman making copies with a toilet bowl on her head. Blowfish is "for when you feel like dying, but you have to do stuff."



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