Droga5, Space150 Use Bots, Mobile, Social To Screen Summer Interns

Space150 and Droga5 are turning to social media and newer channel and techniques to find interns for their summer programs. 

Space150 is using Instagram Stories and a custom chatbot where applicants have to answer questions to make it to the next step. Over the next few weeks, the digital agency will post about its offices and staff on Instagram as well as the number to text to answer questions such as a favorite Instagram account to "how would dogs wear pants?"

Then, a chatbot will direct applicants to a site where they will fill out a more formal application by March 31 and see specific intern positions. The top 10 applicant will be selected for its offices in NY, LA, and Minneapolis across all departments including creative, strategy, account, media and engineering.



"People are always on their phones, and our client work always ends up on the phone," says Ned Lampert, creative director, space150. "So for our internship program this year we're integrating engineering and social media with mobile in mind. This campaign will show potential interns how we work, the ways we think, and give them an opportunity to prove themselves in mediums that matter to our clients."

Space150’s latest intern quest follows an effort last year to reach interns via Snapchat Geofilters in order to expand the geographic reach of the search. The agency received more than 115 applicants from all over. The shop tries to be innovative with its search each year as way of setting the tone for the type of candidates it wants.

Meanwhile, Droga5 is relaunching last year's Apply Yourself program where interns receive exposure to real client projects and get to work with some of the agency’s best and brightest.   

The primary focus of the program is to provide interns with a fuller understanding of how an agency works and how departments collaborate with one another to.  A new element this year will include a day during which interns will volunteer for a charitable cause.

College juniors and seniors and recent grads apply on InternWith.Us with a rolling deadline. Droga5 plans on accepting 25 interns to be placed across account management, creative, strategy, and production.

Previous interns continue to pay it forward. The agency asked its interns-turned-full-timers to "provide a glimpse of what it's like inside the Droga5 walls" by giving them control of its Instagram account on March 23 and 24. The agency also utilizes all of its social media channels - including @droga5 - to spread the word and attract potential candidates.



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