Creatives Angered By Trump Launched DonVsDon To Funnel Money Away From Government To Charitable Organizations

Earlier this month, Trump unveiled his budget blueprint to Congress which included cuts to several programs - healthcare, educational assistance, public broadcasting, environmental causes and others along

with a proposed expansion of defense and military spending.

On Thursday, March 23rd, the Loser Collective launched DonVsDon an online project which aims to inspire people to donate to causes they deem essential. The group says the more money that's donated, the less money Trump gets.

The Loser Collective is a group of creatives who say they could no longer idly watch the repercussions of Trump’s budget cuts without taking action. They say, "While none of the organizations are partners, we chose them because they act to fight for causes we, and most Americans, believe in. DonVs.Don will be updated with new tax-deductible organizations on an on-going basis to fight against every turn Trump takes to strip Americans of their due liberties.”

The site includes select charities such as the ACLU, Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood and others the agency believes act to support those affected by Trump’s budget cuts. Because, the group argues, donations
are tax deductible, each donation theoretically amounts to fewer dollars going towards Trump's proposed  efforts.




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