Kevin Hart's 'Morning Briefing' For Tommy John Underwear

Underwear brand Tommy John has released "Kevin Hart's Morning Briefing," an online series featuring comedian/actor (and investor in the brand) Kevin Hart to build awareness beyond its core fan base. 

The series was made in collaboration with Tommy John’s AOR Preacher, the in-house Tommy John creative team, and Hart’s entertainment company HartBeat Productions.

The 22-episode series uses humor to highlight the problems that men have with their underwear. In Power Moves, for instance, Hart talks about the "key to negotiation," which is to not negotiate but simply state an offer. He then shows himself in his underwear. Another spot promotes the underwear as being so comfortable that men will forget they are wearing pants. The spots end with the brand's tagline, "No Adjustment Needed."

The first five videos are playing on both Hart's and Tommy John’s owned digital and social channels, and have already attracted more than 5.5 million videos. The remaining videos will roll out throughout the year timed to coincide with key sales holidays and seasons as well as with potential “viral moments”. 



“This is a unique collaboration designed to utilize Kevin’s skills as a natural born entertainer to promote the brand’s commitment to tackle the uncomfortable truths about men’s underwear” says Josh Dean, CMO of Tommy John. 

In February 2016, Hart approached Tommy John CEO/founder Tom Patterson about investing in the company and helping to spread awareness of a brand that Hart of which he is purportedly a big fan. 

Hart's active social media presence, including Instagram and Twitter, has been credited with driving brand awareness and increasing sales. 

Tommy John and Hart are planning a separate collaboration for the brands underwear and socks in Fall 2017.


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  1. Joseph Mansell from ASU, March 28, 2017 at 12:17 a.m.

    One of the important things to take away with marketing the brands underwear for mean is that Kevin Hart had approached the company with ideas of investing because of his personal angst against uncomfortable underwear. I'm not really a big fan of Kevin Hart, I just don't necessarily find him particularly funny. However, after watching some of the videos I am persuaded to try them out. What men go through with underwear isn't ever really talked about. This ensures a good approach in a somewhat niche market for male underwear. With the product catering to a market for men who don't won’t any funny business getting to them in their day to day life, it opens a door for a comedic approach to selling the underwear. I think because so many people do actually enjoy Kevin Harts comedy, it's no wonder he is a good fit for the goal and product that they have. I find it funny that Tommy John has their “No Adjustments Needed” slogan fueling their campaign because its what we say to be somewhat polite in the attempts to adjust ourselves for comfort. I think comedy is the only way in a campaign such as because it’s edgy on normalizing the what could be uncomfortable circumstances that many people have to deal with. Like most traditional advertisements, Kevin Hart is dressed almost fully unclothed besides the underwear. Some of the advertisements I saw were in a way making fun of other advertisements with the special occasions like valentines day lingerie. I like that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously in the normalization of something that is traditionally uncomfortable, it makes me feel like I want to put it to the test and see if I notice any difference in the similar products I already own.

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