Kickbox, SparkPost Form Partnership, Up Deliverability

Kickbox and SparkPost are partnering to allow users to import and export email data between the two platforms for verification. The objective is to improve deliverability and data quality, the companies said in an announcement.

The partnership will address quality issues such as invalid email addresses caused by typos and syntax errors, the firms added.

Kickbox is an email verification and recipient authentication. service. Last month, it announced a partnership with dotmailer, a UK-based email marketing automation platform.

SparkPost is a cloud-based email delivery provider serving apps and websites.  It supports delivery services for brands such as Paypal, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Zillow, the companies said 

The Kickbox-SparkPost  partnership will enable marketers to identify deliverable email addresses and verify accuracy at the point of capture, the firms said.

Kickbox API libraries are available for Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby, the companies added. 

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