Springbot To Launch Email Tools For Segmentation, Product Recommmendations

Springbot will unveil a host of new email capabilities at the Magento Imagine 2017 conference next week in Las Vegas. 

The new email toolset adds advanced segmentation, onsite email capture, and intelligent product recommendations to the retail marketing platform for small- to medium-sized businesses. Springbot serves small business owners with storefronts on popular ecommerce sites BigCommerce, Shopify, and of course, Magento.

Small business owners wear multiple hats and do not have the engineering and marketing prowess of larger companies. Springbot’s new email marketing solutions aim to help ecommerce marketers drive more sales and retain existing customers without any need for a data scientist.

The new Product Recommendations feature combines Springbot’s existing email automation and analytics products to provide marketers with the tools needed to send intelligent and personalized product recommendations. Springbot incorporates a merchant’s purchase data with a consumer’s past purchasing and browsing history to predict what products an email subscriber would be most interested in.

In addition, emails containing products recommendations can be trigger-based so they are delivered when a customer is most likely to complete a purchase. Spingbot has also expanded its email segmentation and reporting capabilities to deliver more personalized email communication.

Springbot’s campaign creation service provides email templates for retailers to utilize and customize to suit their individual business goals.

Springbot will also demonstrate its new onsite email capture feature at Magento Imagine 2017, a new tool that ecommerce retailers can use to capture information on anonymous shoppers and convert them into email subscribers.

“Email marketing remains core for marketers acquiring new customers, retaining and upselling existing customers,” states Erika Jolly Brookes, chief marketing officer at Springbot.

Springbot most recently launched a complimentary ecommerce Scorecard tool, funded by the company’s $10 million Series B financing round in late 2016. 

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