NEW! Whopper Toothpaste: So You Never Have To Brush The Flame-Broiled Taste Away

I don't know about you, but this campaign leaves an April Fool's taste in my mouth. Burger King France created Whopper toothpaste, for those times when you really don't want to brush the flame-broiled taste away, yet still want to maintain a semblance of a social life. Created by Buzzman, the toothpaste contains active Whopper extracts. Hopefully there's no sesame seeds, or else someone is flossing again!

An accompanying video shows a man whose wife left him because he stopped brushing his teeth and his breath must be really ripe at that point. The camera even pans to a shot of his toothbrush, which is covered in cobwebs. The man starts brushing with Whopper toothpaste and good things happen, like his wife returns, saying: "It smells of Whopper in here. Did you brush your teeth?" If you have to ask...

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