Former David & Goliath Execs Launch New Consultative Agency

Recently, three former David & Goliath execs, Mike Geiger, Seema Miller, and Colin Jeffery, left the agency to form a new one called Wolfgang. The announcement, complete with a photo of the three execs dressed in black along with, yes, a wolf, are seen confidently strutting down a dreary looking walkway. The new agency is supposed to compete with the likes of consulting firms which, over the years, have gone out and acquired ad agencies to integrate into their own offerings.

Geiger explains the Wolfgang offering is better at bridging the so-called divide between creating and strategic consulting, saying, “When we decided we wanted to start something new, we started to think about a new, more relevant model. The problem we see with, say, Deloitte or Accenture buying a creative shop is that they have completely different cultures and DNA. It’s very tough to integrate those two. It’s a bit like back in the day, when creative agencies were buying up digital agencies to become more digital by integrating them, and it never really worked. That’s because you have two different cultures. That’s why it’s better to start something from scratch."

Funded by Stagwell group, the agency has project work for Uniqlo about to launch.

On the agencies approach, Miller said, “We’re willing to roll up our sleeves and have business-solution conversations. It’s not just marketing. A lot of the initial conversations we’ve been having have been from that perspective. Bringing our expertise to the table in automotive or retail. On the other hand, there are also projects about messaging, but how do we think that through and how does it address a business challenge? So far those conversations have been split 50/50.”

So basically, it's account planning. Alright, alright, I oversimplify but, seriously, what good agency exec doesn't enter into conversations with brand execs about the business goals, strategies and objectives of said brand? Hmm. Maybe I've been doing it wrong all these years. Maybe I should have just been making ads instead of, you know, helping a brand craft its business strategies to better serve its customers and bottom line.






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