NEW! Buffalo Wild Wings Launches Rally Beard Sauce, SwimToday Creates Eau de Chlorine

Who doesn't love a good April Fool's Day prank? Here's a look at a pair of quirky jokes created by Buffalo Wild Wings and SwimToday.

Buffalo Wild Wings created a Rally Beard Sauce for sports fans who grow beards during tournament and playoff seasons.Watch Buffalo Wild Wings' chief sauceologist demonstrate how to apply the sauce: rubbed inside the beard in a downward, 45-degree angle to promote beard growth. Leave it on for a minute, then take a wet nap to remove excess sauce.

SwimToday, powered by USA Swimming, developed a signature fragrance called Eau de Chlôrine. For that small percentage of people who love to smell like a pool 24/7, Eau de Chlôrine smells like bleach, sweat and a smidge of the wearer's own musky scent. An accompanying video promoting the fragrance plays just like a typical fragrance ad: It's in black and white, is hard to decipher and is easily mockable.



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