Bluecore Launches Email Performance Calculator

Bluecore has released a new self-service marketing tool that enables email marketers to personalize their own, unique benchmark reports. 

Bluecore’s Email Performance Calculator is a complimentary benchmark tool that utilizes data from more than 332 million triggered emails sent by over 325 ecommerce brands. Bluecore’s benchmark database is derived from emails sent via the company’s email marketing and automation software.

The Email Performance Calculator is interactive, and marketers can sift through a variety of categories to measure program success. Email marketers can look through email engagement data by industry, average order value and unique monthly visitors, with reporting metrics highlighting average opens, clicks, unsubscribes, conversions, and revenue per 1,000 delivered triggered emails.



The four industries represented are: apparel and accessories, food and leisure, home and beauty, and technology and hardware.

For example, an apparel and accessories company with 300,00 monthly unique visitors and an average order value above $100 earns an average revenue of $2,180 per every 1,000 triggered emails. Email campaigns for that retail category generate a 42.19% open rate, 8.67% click rate, 0.21% unsubscribes, and 1.13% conversion rate.

Bluecore intends to analyze the data in quarterly marketing reports, highlighting key trends affecting retailers.

Almost a quarter of email marketers still do not evaluate the success of their campaigns with email metrics, according to a recent study by GetResponse. Considering the availability of free tools like Bluecore’s Email Performance Calculator and Springbot’s ecommerce Scorecard, those email marketers yet to evaluate performance with email metrics have no redeemable excuse. 

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