Havas 'Drafts' Young Talent

Havas is kicking off its summer internship program with the 2017 Internship Draft by seeking ideas about logos, agency swag and new club concepts.

This program might benefit the agency more than its potential batch of students. "We want these interns to school us," says Jason Peterson, chairman and chief creative officer, Havas Creative, US. "They're young, creative makers. They know what's up and we're prepared to listen."

Interns earn a spot by submitting at least five of the listed suggestions to Instagram with the hashtag #LeadersoftheNewSchool.

Among the challenges, Havas wants to know how does the agency of the future communicate and conduct meetings? What merchandise should they supply new employees with? How should Havas reimagine its logo? And what unexpected and innovative technology should the office use to get work done?



"When they post photos, Boomerangs, videos, carousel photos or whatever they're posting, judges want to see that they're smart, creative and hungry to lead," says the agency.

Candidates apply through Monday, April 24. They also will receive a project once they join, but the agency declines to delve into further details. The website does allow applicants to indicate whether they would prefer New York or Chicago with the Chicago internship program running June 12 to August 18 and NYC from June 5 to August 4.

Havas has an unlimited number of open positions across all departments, saying "We never put a limit on interns, we always hire the best of the best. We're certainly open to more interns if they prove to be exceptional."

In previous years, candidates have been asked to rebrand Tuesdays, take the job of a Havas executive and promote a good cause. 


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