Consumers Can Stomach Ads In News Feeds, Research Shows

Consumers are most critical of ads that run on their most personal device: smartphones.

That said, mobile users are more critical of some ads than other. Luckily for Facebook and similar platforms, 67% of users say social video ads -- the ones that appear in their News Feed -- do not disturb their browsing experience.

As noted in a new report from IPG Mediabrands and video ad firm YuMe, that’s significantly more than the 53% of consumers who said pre-roll video ads don’t interrupt their experience.

Relative to other video ad formats, however, mobile users are most likely to find pre-rolls ads engaging.

Indeed, 54% of consumers found pre-roll ads on mobile “engaging,” while 44% of said they prefer mid-roll video ads, and 37% prefer “out-stream” video ads -- or those that play outside of video content.

The research partners also found that mid-roll communicates brand messages particularly well on larger, more TV-like screens, while the format ranked higher in message recall for desktop viewers at 27% -- and especially compared to 8% for out-stream ads.  

Marketers shouldn’t totally write off out-stream video ads, however. That’s because when consumers do complete such ads, they are around 300% more likely to remember those ads.

For obvious reasons, however, mobile doesn’t offer the best canvas for out-stream ads.

Across platforms, pre-roll has best value for all brand metrics due to its familiarity and lack of perceived intrusiveness, the researchers found.

When considering multi-format media plans, it is important to think about how they are constructed, the researchers suggest.

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  1. Randall Tinfow from CLICK-VIDEO LLC, April 17, 2017 at 4:46 p.m.

    Very interesting, since other data by Mirriad reports the YouTube pre-roll skip rate as 90%.  Reported on Mediapost 6/8/16.

    Different species studied, perhaps?

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