Internet-Connected TV Grabs 10% Of Day Viewing

Internet-connected TV viewing  -- through devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast -- is now at 10% share of all total day 18-49 viewing.

Pivotal Research Group says for March this was a 53.8% hike over the same month a year ago. It has been at a 6.4% share in March 2016.

This occurred while total day 18-49 viewing dropped 4.2% during the month.

For English-language broadcast networks, there was a decline of 11.4% during prime time and 9.6% on a total day basis for adults 18-49 viewers. Adding in ad-supported cable TV networks, there was a 5.7% decline during prime time and a 3.8% drop for total day.

Total TV programming hours grew 2% in March, with advertising hours rising at double that rate: 4%. There was an average of 10.8 minutes of national ads per national programming hour during March 2017 versus 10.7 minutes per programming hour during March 2016.

Looking at top TV network groups, Viacom had the largest 18-49 share of commercial share in C3, the Nielsen average minute commercial rating plus three days of time shifting -- 16%, the same as a year ago.

NBCUniversal was next, at 13.9% (versus 14.4%); Time Warner, 13.1% (14.1%); Disney-ABC, 8.1% (8.7%); 21st Century Fox, 7.3% (7.6%); Discovery Communications, 7.1% (6.5%); CBS, 6.6% (6.3%); Scripps Networks Interactive, 5.3% (5.2%); and AMC Networks, 3.5% (3.4%).



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