Hulu Tests Actors On Plot Of 'The Path.' Hilarity Ensues.

I may have missed this campaign when it first launched earlier this year, but the idea and hilarity behind it holds up. I can't be the only person who has fibbed to a colleague about knowing a series' plot, just so the person will stop talking about it.

To promote the new season of Hulu's "The Path," about a cult movement, faith and power, auditions were arranged with Aaron Paul, star of the show.

When actors come to audition, they are asked if they've watched the Hulu series. Everyone says yes, but you can tell most are lying, especially when the producers, and Paul himself, catch them in a lie.

Actors are told the series is about a black hole in a running path. Those who've seen the show know that's false, but the others ran with this plot big-time. Also: I might be someone who would watch a show about a black hole in a running path.

The actors put their everything into their scenes with Paul, as they run in place and discuss whether black holes actually exist. Post-audition, the lying actors read a prepared script into the camera about the actual plot of "The Path." twofifteenmccann created the campaign.



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