Bloomberg Adds Site Section Covering Climate Change

Bloomberg has added a site vertical dedicated to climate change.

Called Climate Changed, the new hub focuses on the future of energy and climate science, aimed at Bloomberg’s business and finance-focused audience. It will house Bloomberg’s existing trove of climate change related stories, as well.

“Climate change is fundamentally an economic story, it’s an economic problem,” Eric Roston, Bloomberg’s sustainability editor, told The Huffington Post. “It’s naturally a business story, and it’s naturally a concern to rationally minded executives in any sized enterprise.”

Stories on the new section range from an interactive feature on the melting Arctic to Wal-Mart’s efforts to get its suppliers to eliminate a gigaton of greenhouse gases by 2030. There is also a piece on South Florida homeowners are dealing with rising waters.



The hub has a section of short videos on topics such as “This is What Heat Does To Us - And The Economy” and “Apple’s Quest to Use 100% Renewable Energy.”

Climate Changed now houses Bloomberg’s Carbon Clock, a project it started in December 2015, that tracks the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, shown over satellite images of the Earth.

“The question isn’t why now; it’s why haven’t we all agreed to do this sooner,” Jared Sandberg, senior executive editor in Bloomberg’s digital division, told HuffPost. “We’ve always had this kind of coverage, but I think it’s high time we do something better to admire it, organize it and make it easier for people to discover.”

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