NEW! Skeletor Dances To 'Fame' Theme Song In MoneySuperMarket Ad

My favorite ad right now comes from England's MoneySuperMarket, a price comparison site focusing on financial services. Any child of the '80s will recognize evil villain Skeletor, a cameo from He-Man, and the theme song to "Fame" playing throughout. Masters of the Universe and Irene Cara? I'm in my happy place.

Created by Mother London, the 60-second ad starts with a voiceover describing how Skeletor saved money using MoneySuperMarket. When Skeletor is happy, there's a pep in his step, music in his head and everything is so right.

Skeletor leaves his dark house and dives into a sunny day as "Fame" begins. Our villain is friendly, happy and pelvic-thrusting -- and that's just the first 20 seconds!

Before you know it, Skeletor is leading a group of passersby in a light-hearted walk/dance parade that moves by He-Man, who tells his archrival that he's "so MoneySuperMarket." Not exactly what I'd say to my running archrival from the gym, but it fits here. And to end with the Skeletor cackle... I'm hoping for a follow-up ad that may or may not involve She-Ra.



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