Seattle Goodwill Uses Twitter To Sell Goods

Seattle Goodwill is testing a new social media program that uses the #AtGoodwillNow hashtag to allow shoppers to search for items as they go on sale in real time. 

Seattle Goodwill and its AOR Copacino+Fujikado uncovered that the retailer's core audience is not seeking inexpensive used goods but instead is motivated by high-quality, trendy items and unique finds. This insight led to the strategy of using social media as a tool to showcase those items in a way that not only elevates perceptions of the quality of items at Goodwill, but also creates fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) among shoppers.



Now, Seattle Goodwill is tracking whether this theory works in two locations, South Everett and Capitol Hill. Two Twitteraccounts showcase unique items like the 1970's ceramic mushroom storage jars and rainbow tennis shoes that are actually found at Goodwill and not stock photos or studio shots.

Shoppers view the items and can immediately find them on the shelves to purchase. It is designed to be a fun treasure hunt mixing online and offline shopping. 

The campaign also includes out-of-home, Pandora/radio, dynamic digital and social ads.

If all goes well, Seattle Goodwill hopes to expand this to other locations.

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