New York Journos Launch Careers Site Ladders

New York journalists Heidi Moore and Ryan Sager have launched a careers site called Ladders. The focus of the new digital publication is how work impacts our lives and the world around us, as well as career news and advice.

"We spend a third or more of our lives at work, yet office life tends to get treated as an afterthought," stated Sager, who serves as Ladders’ editorial director, overseeing its team of seven editors and reporters.

"We see the workplace as the day-to-day arena of human achievement, a place where small personal battles are won and lost every hour,” he added.

Moore, who will be Ladders’ editor-in-chief, added: "We aim to cover the world of work as news every single day. Our jobs change who we are. We want to bring readers the human stories of success and struggle, and we're arming you to improve your work life with news, analysis, advice, and wit."

Feature stories include “The Millennial Workforce,” a look at what motivates millennials in the workplace, based on a survey of more than 4,700 adults. Key findings include millennials were the only age group to say career growth was more important than starting salary when accepting a job offer.

Millennial men were the group most likely to think it acceptable for companies to expect people to answer work emails outside of business hours.

Another feature on Ladders is “The Ladders 101,” a list of influencers on the topic of work and careers, ranging from economists and CEOs to startup founders and celebrities.

A post describing the list reads: “We want to honor the people who really do work right — from the professors and psychologists who teach us more about ourselves and the economy to the women who fight for equal pay to the celebrities whose stories teach us to try harder and ask for better."

Other stories include “Why making to-do lists won’t help you get things done” and “8 mistakes I made as a manager and how you can avoid them.”

Ladders also has a job search section on the site.

Sager has previously worked at Time, New York Post and The Wall Street Journal, where he developed and launched “Review,” the popular WSJ Weekend section devoted to books and ideas.

Moore has worked at The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and The Guardian US, where she launched the US Business and Money sections.

Separately, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, Hannah Karp, has been named news director at Billboard. She will work closely with Mike Bruno, Billboard’s SVP of content, to oversee coverage. Karp hire confirms the publication's commitment to producing high-quality music business coverage.

Karp previously covered music, national news, sports, travel and consumer products at WSJ. Now, she will play a central role in assembling the “Topline” news section of Billboard magazine, as well as breaking news across its digital platforms.
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