Doritos, Geico Score With Marvel Tie-In

Doritos and Geico are the biggest brand winners with Marvel's "Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2" out May 5, according to Amobee.

Some 48% of all Doritos chatter and content across digital platforms on April 25 was "Guardians of the Galaxy" related after the chip brand announced a limited-edition bag with a “cassette tape deck-inspired” player that will allow you to listen to the movie's full soundtrack on headphones, directly through a bag of Doritos.

And 33% of all video digital content engagement around Geico has been Groot related since the insurance brand uploaded a video on March 28 with Geico Gecko with Baby Groot. This clip has received more than 5.4 million views on YouTube.



"Doritos' clever, thinking outside the bag idea of turning their core product into a virtual cassette player and Geico’s cute times two idea of teaming up Baby Groot with their Gecko mascot are both brand relevant ways to engage around what the audience finds fun about the franchise," says Jonathan Cohen, principal brand analyst, Amobee. "Connecting with the spirit of a film is a great way for non-obvious brand tie-ins to stand out."

Video game and toy brands are the other big brand winners aligning with the movie's sequel. Telltale Games with the Sony Walkman brand has had 90% as much "Guardians of the Galaxy" related digital content engagement as Telltale Games had in the last month. Overall, Telltale Games was directly mentioned in 1.3% of all "Guardians of the Galaxy" digital content engagement that occurred in the last month.

Meanwhile, Disneyland had 80% as much chatter associated to the movie in digital content engagement as Telltale Games; Hot Toys had 50% as much Galaxy related digital content engagement as Telltale Game; and Hasbro received 48% as much Galaxy related digital content engagement as Telltale Games.

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