Awesomeness Takes A Place On OTT Skinny Bundles

As those digital skinny bundles proliferate (Sling, DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, and more to come), it’s not just cable networks that want to get on. So do some home-grown content creators.

Awesomeness Chief Digital Officer Kelly Day said today that sometime this year--probably in the fourth quarter--Awesomeness will claim a berth on some (and eventually all) of the announced OTT  streaming skinny bundles That includes YouTube TV, that offers a YouTube “channel" on its new service.

Day explained that much of the Awesomeness content is already comes in TV-familiar half hour or hour-long formats, so it more or less fits with the traditional TV experience. But, presumably, the Awesomeness entry lets advertsers more easily compare who is watching, compared against traditional TV.

It would seem logical other content makers may announce plans of their own along the same lines as the NewFronts sales presentation go on for the next couple weeks in New York. “I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true,” Day said, though claiming she wasn’t aware of any specific competitor in that space.

Awesomeness Films, which earlier produced the young adult skewed “Before I Fall” will debut its next film where a lot of young adults are--on Netflix. “You Get Me,” billed as a sort of “Fatal Atrraction” for an audience that has never seen that Glenn Close adultery/bunny-boiler, debuts on Netlix on June 16.

At NewFronts, Awesomeness also introduced former ABC Digital executive Carrie Franklin as the new head of Awestruck, the division that caters to millennial moms. In addition Awestruck said it signed Grammy-winning singer Kelly Rowland to host her own YouTube in which, she said, she’ll talk about all the things women don’t talk about, whatever those still might be.
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