NEW! Rachael Leigh Cook Remakes Memorable 'This Is Your Brain On Drugs' Ad

It's been close to 20 years since actress Rachael Leigh Cook starred in the memorable "This Is Your Brain On Drugs" commercial. It's hard to forget the image of cracked eggs and a woman wielding a frying pan, destroying a kitchen.

Cook now stars in an updated version of the ad, this time focusing on drug laws and how they target minorities.

Created for the Drug Policy Alliance by Green Point Creative, the 80-second PSA starts with Cook holding a white egg, stating: "This is one of the millions of Americans who use drugs and won't get arrested." She then picks up a brown egg and says: "However, this American is several times more likely to be charged with a drug crime. Imagine it's you."

The spot becomes an animated series of events, following brown egg from the time of his arrest, to the time he's out of jail. Life will never be the same. The man is accepted into collage but denied financial aid and applies for jobs that he never gets as a convicted felon. Interspersed throughout are shots of an animated frying pan destroying eggs.



The video ends with Cook in the kitchen, holding a pan dripping with smashed eggs."The war on drugs is ruining people's lives," shes says. "It fuels mass incarceration. It targets people of color in greater numbers than their white counterparts. It cripples communities, costs billions and it doesn't work. Any questions?"

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