NEW! Houdini Sportswear: From Shirt Off Your Back To Food On Your Table

I think of myself as an adventurous eater, so I'm intrigued by Houdini Sportswear's latest campaign that uses worn-out apparel to make compost to make soil to make food. I also think of how much I sweat after a long run and feel the need to reconsider my definition of adventurous eater.

Houdini Sportswear created The Houdini Menu, a vegetarian tasting menu made from clothes. Old apparel is collected at any Houdini store; reparable pieces are fixed free of charge, and the rest are used to make new clothes, or food.

The clothes, a mix of merino wool and biodegradable fibers, were placed in a compost pile and six months later the clothes were completely broken down.

Using the soil created, Houdini grew vegetables and herbs that Chef Sebastian Thureson turned into a four-course vegetarian meal.

This year, people were invited to book a seat at Agrikultur Restaurant in Stockholm to taste the Houdini menu.

McCann Stockholm created the campaign.



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