NEW! Lysol Protects Families Like A Mother

Lysol is known for being a household germ killer, but a new TV and social media campaign positions the brand as a protector of families, like a mother.

The "What It Takes To Protect" campaign begins with "Protect like a mother," a 60-second ad that plays into a mother's instinct to keep her children safe.

The ad begins with a mama bear bringing her daughter to school. When a car stops just shy of the crosswalk, mama bear shows her teeth. When a young boy forgets his umbrella, mama bird uses her wing to keep him dry. A rhesus monkey touches her son's hair just as his crush walks past. Awkward. Bullies return a stolen hat to a young boy when his mother elephant charges on.

"Protect like a mother. It's what you do. It's what we do," closes the ad, created by McCann NY.



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