NEW! Cheese Lovers, Watch 'Mia and Morton: A Story Of Canadian Cheese'

New trade laws will soon make imported cheese more accessible to Canadians, so DDB Canada and Gentleman Scholar created a delightful online video to show residents that Canadian cheese is high-quality, delicious and worth tasting.

"Mia and Morton: A Story of Canadian Cheese," is a 3:40 animated video that supports the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Viewers meet a cheese-maker and his adorable young daughter. The video follows the daughter, always at her father's side, from young girl to grown woman. Each year, their cheese enters an international contest and wins second or third place. First place is always so close but so far.

As Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" plays throughout, we watch the daughter create her own cheese that's slightly different from her father's. When the next cheese contest comes to town, dad enters two cheeses: his and the daughter's. Guess who wins first place? The daughter proudly takes her winning pin and places it on her dad's chest. Following the win, the cheese shop tweaks its method of cheese making.



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