Forward Slash-Loving Creative Agency Launches New Digital Marketing Service

So, yeah, since about 1994 everyone had to locate the forward slash (/) on their keyboard. But even before that -- actually I have no idea when the agency adopted its slashy nomenclature -- Chiat\Day, which in 1995 became TBWA\Chiat\Day had us scurrying around the keyboard for the back slash (\). Now, there's an agency that thinks one slash isn't good enough to they are all about two slashes.

In the ongoing effort to create names that, well, don't sound like law firms agencies have gone in pretty much every direction, even inventing words to name themselves. Taking the forward slash to new heights (ok, ok, maybe they just adopted the whole http:// thing) a UK agency called r//evolution bills itself as the "r//esults" agency.

Yeah, that took an extra few micro seconds to type.

I get that the r//evolution, ahem, results in some kind to semi-witty combination of the words revolution and evolution but r//esults? What exactly is an "esult"? Is that like ecommerce -related results? Who knows. Anyway, this UK-based r//esults creative agency has launched a new practice. Oddly, they did not give it its own //-style name. Nope they're just referring to it as new dedicated online marketing service area. Yawn. How uncreative. Why not r//service? Or s//ervice? Or O//MS? Get it? No/ Yeah, it's stupid.

Anyway, the forward slash agency has placed Rebecca Gregory, who joined the agency in 2015, in charge of the new business unit.

On her new charge, Gregory said , “I’m thrilled to have been given the opportunity to head up the online
marketing team here at r//evolution. While the digital landscape tends to be dominated by men there are a number of very strong female role models progressing careers within the technology sector. I feel that
the establishment of the dedicated online marketing service area and development of my role is testament to the forward-thinking and innovative nature of r//evolution - we want our clients to have the very best service from industry experts.”

Maybe Rebecca will now be known as r//ebecca?




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