NEW! Stubborn Farmer Feeds Animals Just As Well As Consumers

Toronto-based food box delivery service Stubborn Farmer launched an online campaign that's reminiscent of those recipe videos  constantly shared on social media. The recipes have a handful of recipes, are simple to assemble and/or cook and they look scrumptious.

Stubborn Farmer's three videos follow this pattern with a twist: The meals prepared are for the animals raised and subsequently used in consumers' food boxes.

Chickens eat grass, corn, worms, crickets and oats. "We care as much about what our chickens eat, as what you eat," closes the video.

Cows and pigs also eat healthy ingredients like alfalfa, clover dandelion, broccoli, cabbage and green beans from well-stocked bowls. Cut to scenes of a cow and pig making a mess of their bowls but enjoying every bite of their meals.

"Our cows eat healthy so you can eat healthy" and "If this is how healthy our pigs eat, imagine how healthy you'll eat" close the remaining videos. I'm definitely curious to see how healthy the actual meals are for humans.



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