WPP, Richard Branson Back New Advocacy Group For Dyslexics

A WPP team of agencies, including Y&R London, and Sir Richard Branson are raising awareness for the new advocacy group Made by Dyslexia; its stated mission is to help people better understand and support the cognitive reading disorder. Branson, a dyslexic who has been very vocal about the impact of the disorder on his life and career, serves as "Ambassadorial President" of the new group.

On the Virgin website, Branson recently launched what’s being touted as the “world’s first dyslexic sperm bank.” 

In part, the sperm bank is symbolic of the biases and misperceptions confronted by dyslexics. The London Sperm Bank made headlines in 2015 for its controversial decision to refuse donations by dyslexics. Commenting on the Virgin site, Branson stated: “To me, this is absurd when you think that some of the most successful people in the world are dyslexic.”



Branson’s new sperm bank — the idea is credited to Y&R London, whose work on the project is pro bono — is open to dyslexics only, the British entrepreneur states on the Virgin site. “I stored my sperm when I was 30 and am one among hundreds of dyslexics taking part in the world’s first dyslexic-only sperm bank.

"Dyslexic people from all walks of life - including scientists, artists, astronauts, athletes, mathematicians, actors, doctors, musicians and entrepreneurs – have been kind enough to donate so far.”

Beyond the bank, the Made by Dyslexia organization has developed a comprehensive program, that includes campaigns, films, tools and tests, to explain dyslexic thinking.

Looking forward, Made By Dyslexia, led by founder Kate Griggs, will meet with the UK and U.S. governments to discuss the organization's mission and explore partnerships with other dyslexia organizations worldwide. 


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