Microsoft Digs Into AI Through Image, Video, Search

Microsoft on Wednesday revealed a variety of tools adding to 25 previously available Cognitive Services: Bing Custom Search, Custom Vision Service, Custom Decision Service, and Video Indexer. 

Custom Vision Search, for example, enables companies to use a few lines of code in apps to recognize images.

The announcements -- made during the Build 2017 developer conference Wednesday -- also includes a combination of image and video recognition technology that helps brands protect themselves from serving ads next to offensive content.

The tool can support any large library of videos. It automatically creates metadata about the media by transcribing the video in any one of 10 languages that Microsoft Translator supports and then creates subtitles. 

It also can identify people in the video using facial recognition and attach a name if they are well-known. The transcription and the facial recognition have search function to skip to specific parts in the video.



Developers also can now contribute to the development of new services with the Cognitive Services Labs, a new effort that has been rolled out, which connects developers and researchers working on the future projects and technology such as artificial intelligence. One feature coming out from the labs is an API that gives users the ability to content and interact with the screen through gestures. 

Much of the expansion occurs through software development kits and APIs. Microsoft said that Build the Cortana now sees 141 million monthly active users across voice and typed interactions. In addition to announcing an integration with Samsung's Harman Kardon earlier this week, the company announced partnerships with Hewlett-Packard and Intel today.

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