Brawny Uses Snap Spectacles To Get Kids-Eye-View For Ad That Celebrates Moms

While brands have been experimenting with Spectacles, Snap’s camera-equipped “smart glasses,” Brawny is the first major brand to use the wearable product to shoot a full spot from the perspective of a child.

Developed with agency Cutwater, the “Once a Mother, Always a Giant,” ad shows a range of mothers from their children’s point of view. The film is comprised of moments in moms’ lives – cleaning up milk spills and fallen spaghetti to patching up knee scrapes and nighttime cuddling. The spot ends with the tagline, “Once a Mother, Always a Giant" with a mom wearing the iconic Brawny red plaid shirt.

"Motherhood in particular can be a challenging time, and we wanted to highlight the strength and resilience that women have during this period through the perspective of their children,” says Chuck Cutwater, chief creative officer at the agency. This campaign "seemed like a simple way to articulate this point of view, while celebrating women for the strong and resilient people they are.”



To bring this message to life, Cutwater and Brawny partnered with director and producer Karen X to shoot footage over two days in the homes of the pre-selected families. Four real mothers (as opposed to models or actors) and their children were chosen for the campaign from over 40 applicants.

The goal was to capture the most natural moments from the children including naps, feeding and playtime. Since the glasses have no playback function, the team focused on capturing as many organic moments and “happy accidents” as possible.

"We worked quickly to keep up with the kids as much as possible, reviewing sparingly," says Robbie Wiedie, content producer, Cutwater. "The Spectacles yielded lots of takes to use in our editing process. Ultimately they helped us achieve a level of authenticity unrivaled by a traditional production.”

The spot will run across social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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