Enso Reunites With Atlantis, Paradise Island For 'Come To Life' Campaign

Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas and its agency enso are revealing the island resort's new "Come to Life" initiative, which refreshes its brand purpose and positioning.

The effort includes a new storytelling platform for the "voices of Bahamas artists, musicians, employees and locals,” designed to reach and resonate with travelers worldwide.  Atlantis is the second-largest employer in the Bahamas after the government. 

A 60-second film showcases the “voices” message — it featuring local artists, musicians and designers. A voiceover proclaims "a brighter sun lies within ourselves" before ending with the tagline, “Come to Life.”

This makeover is being led by Atlantis' president and managing director Howard C Karawan who has recently returned to the company after 10 years. His return sparked a reunion with enso's Kirk Souder, who heKarawan originally partnered with when they first developed the upscale destination's inaugural campaign 20 years ago.



Souder went on to cofound enso. Now, the two are teaming up to create a shared marketing vision for Atlantis intended to resonate with a new generation of travelers. 

"It was clear to me the world was different, the customer had evolved and the market had changed," says Karawan. "Atlantis had to evolve toward purpose and mission … Offering our guests the spirit and culture of the Bahamian people and an immersive connection with the ocean is the core of our product and needed to be the foundation of our social impact and communications.“

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