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Apple Acquired AI Startup Lattice Data For $200M

Apple acquired artificial intelligence (AI) startup Lattice Data for $200 million, according to a TechCrunch report. Lattice focuses on "transforming unstructured data–what they refer to as dark data–into structured data. Unstructured data is often found in text, images, video and other media and is growing rapidly in the digital age. Some estimates going back two decades estimate that 70-90% of all data is unstructured," reports.

That publication said many AI deals involve unstructured data. For example, "driverless cars review image data to determine whether to stop at a red light or avoid a collision with a pedestrian. Voice assistants take unstructured data such as speech or text apply AI-driven Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding to determine meaning and intent." When big data first came on the scene, the discussion was about how to manage a lot of structured data,  according to  But AI increasingly involves having machines handle and solve the problems inside unstructured data.



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