NEW! Would You Put Spray Cheese On Steak? Toyo Tires Wants To Know

Toyo Tires launched a pair of TV ads that show the face of the advertised product minimally, which make the ads that more entertaining.

"Your Car Deserves Better" illustrates the absurdity of spending big bucks on a fancy car, only to outfit it with sub-par tires. It's like putting spray cheese on an expensive cut of beef, or clown shoes on a sexy model.

The brand scores with its first U.S. advertising campaign targeting the mainstream tire market. The first ad will make you hungry, with its close-up shots of a well-aged and seasoned steak. The moment is ruined when canned cheese is sprayed atop the otherwise scrumptious meal, a more amusing way to explain to drivers not to scrimp when buying tires.

The second ad reminds me of those perfume ads that have breathy voiceovers, silhouettes of attractive women and close-up shots of perfume sprayed on a freshly showered body. Would you don a fancy dress, heavy makeup and expensive earrings only to finish the look with clown shoes? Probably not.

Vitro created the campaign.



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