Samsung, WPP Shops Reimagine The Pop-Up Store

Utilizing its Internet of Things knowhow, tech and electronics giant Samsung is teaming with two WPP shops—VML and shopper specialist Barrows—to bring retailers and brands what the partners say is a smarter version of the pop-up store. 

The firms unveiled a new turnkey pop-up product at WPP’s Global Retail Forum in Miami last week. 

Citing figures that the pop-up business is now a $50 billion-plus industry, the firms position the new pop-up offering as a next-generation product that includes basics like location scouting, logistics, Point-of-Sale fulfillment (enhanced by Samsung Pay) and real-time customer engagement with Samsung’s IoT dashboard that captures store data and provides retail analytics and other insights about store activity. 

The offering also includes opportunities to heighten customer experiences with targeted smart signage—utilizing Samsung’s ML55E Digital Mirror Displays and other devices-- and virtual and augmented reality applications. 



Service is provided through a tiered rental model so that depending on client need pop-ups---which are modular-based for fast activation--will differ based on size of footprint and tech variations. The firms have also struck a deal with activation agency Pop-up Mob to help fulfill orders quickly. 

“By incorporating technologies such as IoT into the pop-up store solution, we can create better experiences for shoppers, as well as a more affordable solution for retailers that provides on-demand service and access to valuable data with greater intelligence,” said Ted Brodheim, vp, Samsung Electronics America. 

Added Jon Bird, Executive Director, Global Retail and Shopper Marketing at VML: “This is a reinvention of how technology can work in a temporary space and our role has been to contribute thinking on the connected pop-up experience.”

A Samsung rep said discussions are ongoing with prospective clients, but no agreements to report yet. 



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