Study: Nine Video Ad Exposures Maximize Purchase Intent

Video ads are more effective the more often viewers see them — but advertisers also need to avoid oversaturation, which can jeopardize audience response, according to a just-released study by video ad firm YuMe.

The study’s bottom line is that being exposed to a video one time is enough to result in increases across all awareness metrics, but expose a user to a video multiple times and you see even higher levels of brand awareness. For purchase intent and brand favorability, ads become most effective after a minimum of nine exposures.

The optimal number of exposures for message association was found to be between 5 and 7, despite overall awareness increases moving past 7 exposures. Advertisers also need to avoid oversaturation.

The study showed that 30-second video ads are more successful at driving purchase intent than 15-second ads.

"Every dollar counts when budgeting for digital advertising,” stated Mike O’Donnell, senior vice president of North American sales at YuMe. “By understanding the optimal ad frequency that often leads to greater results, marketers can ensure they’re reaching the minimum number of exposures, rather than the maximum, to get the highest return on their investment.”

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