NEW! Toyota's Crash Test Dummies Look For Alternate Means Of Excitement

Toyota vehicles are equipped with so many standard safety features that the reliable crash test dummies have become obsolete. The thrill-seeking dummies resort to finding alternate means to achieve adrenaline highs.

The 90-second "New Gig" follows a crash test dummy as he recalls a time when he was in high demand, before Toyota's numerous standard safety features like lane departure alert and pedestrian detection. Nowadays, the dummy gets his rocks off by skydiving, being a CPR test dummy and moonlighting as a rodeo clown that charges the bull.

"Overheard" illustrates that awkward moment when Toyota safety engineers casually mention that they won't need to use as many dummies anymore just as they walk by a room of dummies that are staving off boredom by knitting, working out and building a card castle.

"Skydiver" shows the safety features in action just as a test dummy jumps out of an airplane. Adrenaline doesn't grow on trees.

Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles created the campaign.



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