Tech Journo Launches 'Select,' City Guide Pubs

Tech journalist and analyst Scott Steinberg has launched his own lifestyle publication dedicated to city guides, called Select: Your City’s Secrets Unlocked.

The site will feature information on a city’s best bars, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, travel destinations, cultural trends and events.

The first city featured is St. Louis, which will be followed by New York City, Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, Nashville and Atlanta in the coming weeks.

While other travel sites and city guide publications “provide generalized recommendations,” Steinberg, founder and CEO of Select, told Publishers Daily that Select focuses on “living like a local.”

“We focus on being a personal concierge that tells you where to be and when, what to order or request, what kind of personality and outing ... each venue's atmosphere is best suited to, how to find special, pop-up or themed events and how to make the most of any experience,” Steinberg said.



Select will include a combination of articles, videos, podcasts, media programming and live events. Stories on the St. Louis site include “11 Best New Travel and Vacation Spots,” “20 Best Brunch Spots in St. Louis” and “35 Best Wineries and Wine Bars in St. Louis.”

An interesting feature of the online magazine: It provides a calendar of events in each city that readers can export to Microsoft Outlook, Apple’s iCal or Google Calendar.

A combination of staff writers, freelancers and local trendsetters — including restauranteurs, event planners and food and drink critics — will contribute to Select’s content and provide recommendations.

Each city's team has about 10 employees, as well as an “army of experts and everyday men and women about town who are helping us decode these destinations," Steinberg said.

As someone who enjoys “happy hours, dinners, evening events, and after-parties,” Steinberg said he found himself “running into a problem,” which led to the creation of Select.

“If you weren't a local who knew a town like the back of your hand, trying to decipher where to hit in the city — and schedule a plan for the week — took hours of research each week,” he said.

Steinberg added that there was “no single source that made finding answers simple — an even bigger problem if you're a working professional with little time to spare, let alone a parent or single parent.”

Steinberg was recently named “Master of Innovation” by Chase Bank and Fortune magazine. He is a keynote speaker and is often an on-air analyst for ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CNN on tech and the game industry.
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